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Will my Pit Bull puppy come with a health guarantee?

Yes, all of our puppies are sold on a contract which includes a 12 month health guarantee.


Is a deposit required to hold a puppy?

A $500 deposit is required to hold a puppy from any litter. The deposit is non-refundable but transferrable to another litter.


What is the cost of your Pit Bull puppies?


All of our puppies are priced differently for each specific breeding based on the accomplishments of the sire and dam and the pedigree of each litter.


Does my Pit Bull puppy come with papers?

All of our dogs and puppies are registered with the United Kennel Club. All puppies will come with UKC (United Kennel Club) registration papers.


Will my puppy's ears be cropped at the time of pickup/shipment? 

Your puppy's  ears will not be cropped when they go home with you. Ear cropping is a personal choice and 100% up to you as a owner. If you are interested in cropping your puppy's ears we can help you find a reputable veterinarian in your area that offers ear cropping services.


How are puppy picks made?

Which pick of the litter you will get is dependent on the order that each deposit is received. After you have put a deposit down that will hold your pick from the litter. Puppy picks are made at 7-8 weeks old. 1st pick is always reserved for us here at Leland APBTS to continue on with our program and the preservation of the American Pit Bull Terrier.


How often will I receive photos of the puppies?

Once a litter has been born and you have placed a deposit you will receive weekly photos and updates of the litter.

​How are your puppies raised?

All of our puppies are raised inside in our home. They will all be on a high quality diet and will receive extensive socialization with other dogs and people before they leave for their new homes.

What are your shipping methods?

If you are local to Washington state delivery is available or we can meet in person. For shipping outside of Washington state we use flight nanny's who will bring your puppy to you. If you are from out of state we can also meet you at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and arrange pick up from there.

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