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Getting a new puppy from Leland APBTS is a very exciting experience and you need to make sure you are prepared well in advance before your Pit Bull Puppy goes home with you. Below you will find a list of necessary items we recommend to get you started.

1. Leash and collar.

2. Food and water bowls - we recommend stainless steel bowls.

3. Toys and chews - for toys we recommend Nylabones and Kongs and for chews we recommend Pig ears, Bully sticks, Cow hooves, and Cow ears.

4. Crate - crate training is great in aiding in the potty training process and also ensures your puppy is contained and safe from destroying or ingesting things they shouldn't when you are away from the home.

5. Nail clippers, dog shampoo, and ear cleaner.

6. Dog bed and/or blankets.

7. High quality dog food - Here at Leland APBTS we feed all of our American PitBull Terrier's Diamond Natural's Lamb and Rice. All of our adult dogs and our puppies love this food and have amazing, nice, and shiny coats on this kibble.

8. Enroll your Pit Bull Puppy in basic obedience lessons. Once your puppy is fully vaccinated start attending obedience classes to learn basic commands and to start socializing your pup. 

Last but not least! Enjoy this new journey with your Leland APBTS Puppy!

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